For whom?

Minors who have committed an act defined as an indictable offence.
Also the youngster’s parents and support figures, and the victims with their context and support figures, form part of the target group within a restorative group consultation.

What do we do?

Restorative group consultation is a dialogue in which a victim and a juvenile suspect (who acknowledges his involvement in the facts) seek together with their supporters and a few others (i.e. the police officer, the lawyer, the counsellor) for a solution to the problem caused by the act defined as an indictable offence.
In the course of the meeting, information is exchanged on the perception of the facts and their consequences. A form of recovery, both toward the victim and to society and the juvenile suspect, is pursued.

The objective is to:

  • Get the parties concerned to enter into dialogue with each other;
  • Enable the parties concerned to assume their responsibilities toward each other;
  • Start a search for recovery in a broad sense under the form of a letter of intent.

The operational principles are:

The parties concerned can voluntarily enter and exit the hergo process.

Only with consent of the parties will information be communicated from one party to the other.
The outcome of the hergo process can be communicated to the judicial authorities, if the parties so agree..

The moderator assumes a neutral (or rather bilaterally partial) position. The moderator is there for both the perpetrator, the victim and their context, keeps the interests of all parties in mind and ensures that the balance between the parties is not disturbed.

The moderator explains to the parties directly involved, his role, possibilities and limitations, the purpose and boundaries of the hergo proposal. He will never withhold information.

How to enrol?

The Juvenile Court shall propose hergo to all interested parties. Commitment will be checked in a first exploratory meeting.

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