Context Counselling

What do we do?

We provide educational support to families who, because of various reasons, got into such problems that education and living together have become cumbersome.

For whom?

  • The family lives in the Kortrijk administrative district.
  • At least one child between 0 and 18 years of age is living at home.
  • The family accepts the context counselling (unless it was imposed by Juvenile Court).
  • There is a need for educational support or there are concerns.
  • Contraindications: serious psychiatric problems, drug problems with the parents, serious mental disability.

How do we do it?

  • The family has an assigned mentor, who will be making weekly house calls.
  • Need clarification: in collaboration with the family we try to get insight in their needs and demands.
  • We involve all family members as much as possible; everybody’s input is important.
  • In collaboration with the family we look for appropriate solutions that leave as much responsibility to the family as possible.
  • In addition to the educational situation, other matters may be considered: school life, work, finances, administration, housing…li>
  • Cooperation with other services after consultation with the family.
  • If necessary, appropriate referral.
  • Every six months there is an evaluation meeting and a report is drawn up.

About Privacy

The context counsellor is very discreet with all information about the family and is bound by professional secrecy.

How to enrol?

Step 1

Contact Filip Dewitte on telephone no056/21 60 91 or 0499/69 83 25

Step 2

In order to obtain an initial impression of the situation, there will be an introductory contact by telephone

Step 3

If the insertion is accepted, the family is put on the waiting list.



Address: Beheerstraat 68, 8500 KORTRIJK
Telephone: 056/21 60 91